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Our aim


MetM was created to enable a world where it’s possible for everyone to participate meaningfully in decisions affecting them.


We function as a collaborative of people developing innovative ways to enable meaningful participation in non-profit projects, including fundraising domestic and international.


In 2014 MetM launched the Spring Funds Initiative.

Photo: Immense flock of starlings, known as a murmuration, preparing to roost at dusk. Credits: Fiona Elisabeth Exon/ Flickr/ Getty images

Who needs us?

Any non-profit organisation 

for whom the fundamental purpose of their action is to provide support to help people live their lives to their full potential, increasing their well-being. 

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❍ Charities/Social entreprise

❍ Think-tanks
❍ Foundations/Trusts

❍ Public agencies
❍ Community development groups
❍ Pressure groups, etc.


Why do you need us?

Because your clients are "expert in their own experiences".



Engaging your clients meaningfully gets the job done and also insures the best long term outcome i.e. meeting people's real needs in practical and cost-effective ways.


We give centre stage to the art of play and lived experience while also providing strong technical expertise and a rigorous conceptual framework. This opens your decision-making processes to opportunities for new types of collaborations.


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You get the job done and can seize these opportunities to significantly improve your ethical approach, redefine the cost-effectiveness of your services and risk prevention mechanisms.


The more you are willing to engage, test and experiment with us, the bigger the impact because together we are also more likely to find innovative solutions to your problem. 




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When do you need us?

At any stage of a project.


Starting at the early stages to co-create ways meaningfully involve your stakeholders whenever possible can make a big difference by speeding up the process. We are fully aware that it is not always possible. We can help you whatever stages you are in, so it becomes possible.






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Situations when you may need us:


 International Fundraising

If you are thinking of a Fundraising campaign. You can get expert advice on how to make it international from our Director of International Fundraising, David Jack Wickert.

 Training & Workshops 

You are looking for ways to put your staff and the intended beneficiaries of your services in each others shoes to spark dialogue.


You need to collect data to prove and improve on your stakeholders participation and outreach. 

  Project design

You are looking for innovative ways to meaningfully involve your stakeholders in your project or research. 



Spring Funds Initiative

We have launched the Spring Funds Initiative to support financially projects using the participation of individuals and communities as a way towards achieving resilience.


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