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We enable people to create their own solutions.




We craft innovative ways to enable people to participate meaninfully in non-profit projects starting from the fundraising stages to the closing down of an initiative.


Check out our innovative method and tools.


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When to contact us?


Please find below some situations when you may need us.

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Situations when you may need us:




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 Training & Workshops 

You are looking for ways to put your staff and the intended beneficiaries of your services in each others shoes to spark dialogue.


You need to collect data to prove and improve on your stakeholders participation and outreach.

 Project design

You are looking for innovative ways to meaningfully involve your stakeholders in your project or improve on their current involvement.



Introduction to engaging people Minds et Motion

- minds, emotions, and body through motion -


Our approach involves four lenses (see below) to fit our client’s unique context and purpose, all in style!

Looking outside in

We use a Critical Systems approach to enable our clients and their intented beneficiaries to look at the whole structure of the situation they want to address. Read more >>




Looking inside out

We use approaches focused on empathy to enable our clients and their intended beneficiaries to put themselves in each other’s shoes. Read more >> 

Measuring impact

We measure the impact of services, including ours, in accordance with agreed indicators. Read more >>




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Engaging the whole person

We use the power of arts & crafts to open a space at the heart of the process where each person is offered an opportunity to meaningfully participate according to his/her capacity and ability. Read more >>


We strive for creative constraints not controlling ones.

People can be enabled and encouraged.


Collective action springs out of the safe but stimulating and inclusive spaces we co-create with our clients and other stakeholders for authentic dialogue to emerge.








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We are proud "craftmen & craftwomen"(R. Sennett).


We share a similar idea of craftmanship and as such the same ethos.


Each of us nourishes it in our own way.


Our skills may have different names, patient leadership, social innovation, psychology, poetry, design, anthropology, law, philanthropy etc, but we are experts at "crafting" innovative ways to enable the meaningful participation of people in non-profit projects.


Each of us nourishes it in our own way. Go to our crafting diary to find more >>




"Let 2015 be the year more people from around the world take up cartooning/comics to tell their stories!" cartoon and quote in tweet from Sarah McIntyre

Empathic & Responsive

We enable our clients and their intended beneficiaries to put themselves in each other’s shoes. 

It sparks empathy, an essential element to solve complex social problems for all involved. It can lead to the Co-empowerment of all involved unlocking the hidden resources necessary to enable systemic change. 




We offer a number of innovative tools.


Some are off the shelf, primarily open source. We adapt them to fit your context.

Others are bespoke as we are often crafting innovative solutions to suit our clients unique needs.


We've applied these tools in a variety of settings including families and children services, international development programmes and food sovereignty projects to support activities such as: 



Click on the icon below to see examples  


  • Start-up co-mentoring 

    (Inside Out Interviews Project)



  • Fundraising opportunities 

    (needfinding & synthesis)

  • Project Evaluation 


  • Qualitative action research 

    (incl. creative workshops)


  • International fundraising  

    (campaign training & implementation)
  • Role play & simulation

  • Innovation lab 

    (incl. Rapid Prototyping, Empathy map, etc)


    • Storytelling

    via creative writing, motion & graphic design

Terms & Conditions

Daily rates

£300 to £600 + UK V.A.T (if applicable)


Hourly rates

 £40 to £80 + UK V.A.T (if applicable)


These rates are only indicative. They will vary depending on the scale of your project and the number of people involved.


Our General Terms & Conditions of Business sent on request >


Alternative currencies: Wherever possible we will also consider alternative currency systems such as time banking or in-kind exchanges for example. We are exploring ways to integrate an alternative currency system to our work.


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