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Our values

They could be called Ethical and Cost-effective. We prefer to call them Style and Timing!
Everyone appreciates Style and Timing.
We believe you will value our Style and Timing too. If you don’t please tell us, with Style and Timing, of course!


We ensure our Style is attractive but not overwhelming, so that it resonates reassuringly with our clients and prospective clients. And we work with our clients to get our Timing spot on and provide clients with what they need when they need it.



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Style (Ethical)

We share the same ethos. 


Our skills may have different names, patient leadership, social innovation, psychology, poetry, design, anthropology, law, philanthropy etc, but we are proud "craftmen and craftwomen" (R. Sennett). We are experts at crafting innovative ways to enable the meaningful participation of people in non-profit projects including fundraising, domestic & international.


We share a similar idea of craftmanship and as such the same ethos.
Some of its key elements are for exemple underlined by two of the Earth Charter’s values (see below).


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Earth Charter's meaningful participation principle.

Ubuntu: "I am what I am, because of who we all are."





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Timing (Cost-effective)

Doing more with less


Our method opens-up our clients’ decision making processes to increase shared accountability and trust between all parties. The reallocation of responsibilities can often lead to cost-cutting and also to new and sometimes challenging demands from users of services.



Partnership with our clients


We bring our know-how and experience to deliver bespoke iterative processes. Similarly, our clients bring their expertise and experience to do what they know best. The outcome depends on the quality of that partnership.

Reflexive practice


We need to learn as much as we can from our practice to improve our work. Our self-evaluation can support this.


We also regularly submit our work to peer-review through our membership and affiliations to practitioners and academics networks e.g. Nef-Nesta co-production practitioners.