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Who we are

Minds et Motion  is a consultancy agency.


We function as a collaborative enabling people to create their own solutions.



We are proud "craftmen & craftwomen"(R. Sennett).


We share a similar idea of craftmanship and as such the same ethos.


We work with preferred collaborators, some of whom are listed below, on a per project basis. Our skills may have different names such as patient leadership, social innovation, psychology, poetry, design, anthropology, law, philanthropy etc. but we share the same ethos. Click on the icons below to read how it translates into the services we provide.




Our Service 

Global Nelwork 



We also tap into our global network of collaborators to ensure we have the necessary diversity of talent for each project including from theatre, visual and performance arts. 


The Inside out Interview Project


It is born out of our need to strengthen relationships with like minded entrepreneurs and also develop new ones. We foster innovative ideas and nurture a fertile network (rhizome). Read more >>




The people behind Minds et Motion

David Jack Wickert

Adviser, International Fundraising


London, UK


Nadine Beauvois

The inspiration


Read more






Rachel Wickert

Founder & Director 

Systems Researcher, Craftwoman, & Participation Advocate

English & French

London, UK


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Preferred Collaborators

We bring in designers, artists and technical experts from our wide network of collaborators as and when required. 


We would love to hear from you!

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Claire Grauer


German & English


Eric Vanbergen

Motion, Graphic and Web Designer

French, English & Dutch



Julius Mugwagwa

Innovation Systems Analyst


United Kingdom


Michael Damman


Français, English & Dutch



Jenni Parker

Design and Social Innovation Consultant

English and Italian

United Kingdom


Elizabeth Willmott-Harrop

Human Rights Advocate


United Kingdom